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Gold Classic Limestone (Paras Gold Yogya)

Gold Classic is limestone which has a uniformly creamy brown colour with fine grains enabling a smooth, clean surface finish.

Suitable for Carving, Ornament, stricking wall application and floor that in low traffic application.

Cuts available:
* Any size with max size 400x600 mm
* Tile standard thickness of 20 mm Calibrated
* Paver standard thickness of 40mm Calibrated
* Thickness tolerance ± 2mm
* Length and breadth of up to 600mm
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Fishing Available :

- Gold Classic Sawn Cut
  Gold Classic Sawn Cut is finishing for tiles/pavers so that It would appears the sawn mark on the stone surface. It makes the stone more appear natural.
- Gold Classic Honed
  Gold Classic Honed is finishing process for tiles/pavers after the Sawn Cut. So that it would not appears the sawn mark on the stone surface. This process makes the stone surface smoother.
- Gold Classic Bush Hammered
  Gold Classic Bush Hammered is finishing process for tiles/pavers which is would give bush hammered effect so that it would appear rough natural.


Please note colour variations are normal in natural stone. These images only represent the general appereance that found in this product.

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