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Basalt Wall Cladding

Basalt is a common extrusive volcanic rock. It is usually grey to black and fine-grained due to rapid cooling of lava at the surface of a planet. It may be porphyritic containing larger crystals in a fine matrix, or vesicular, or frothy scoria. Unweathered basalt is black or grey.

The most common uses for this rock are as aggregate in highway construction, railroad ballast, and tile. Basalt is also a major component of asphalt.

Basalt is a very finely-grained igneous rock containing mainly plagioclase, amphibole and biotite materials. Basalt is similar to Andesite but with a higher silicon oxide content.

Basalt has general characteristic: Great durability, Natural non-slip character, Good heat noise isolation properties, Non fading, unlike concrete based paving, Strong resistance to environmental degradation, Good compressive strength, Good flexural strength (Please refer to our technical specification on the catalog)

Suitable for striking wall application, floor that in high traffic application.

We have 3 different type of  Basalt mention as below :

Black Basalt
Grey Basalt
Black Classic Basalt

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